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We are insane mortals in this sane world!

Once upon a time, two naive mortals with a lot of creativity and madness wanted to start a "spot" that offers highly insightful and creative

Marketing, Advertising & Designing solutions.


In their early marketing and advertising days, they

use to work for sane mortals and giant MNC's. While they did award-winning work for renowned brands,

they always had the zeal to start a creative "spot" of

their own. So after slogging for more than 6 years,

they decided that now is the time to go full "MAD".

So at the onset of 2021 "MAD Spot" came into action.

It's an adda for like-minded insane mortals, who

want to deliver breakthrough creative work, both

online and offline, to our clients and help them

achieve their goals.

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